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iacomelli steel engeenering

Production department

Metalworking company

Spaces and production

The main structure of the company is spread over an area of 6000 sqm which include offices, warehousing, and the manufacturing plant.

The manufacturing takes place thanks to the use of high-tech and high-performance machines, used with great care and expertise:
metalworking company in Italy

Typical processes

  • laser cutting
  • water jet cut
  • shears
  • bending
  • Welding banks with Mig/Tig machines
  • Touring Profile Curve
  • 3 roller grille
  • vehicles of varying size
  • column drills
  • lifts
  • manual lathes
  • manual cutter
metalworking company

The finishing and surface treatments are carried out with the help of special machinery:

  • Micro-pallets with ceramic spheres
  • Decapage tank 
  • Mirror polishing and satin polishing with mechanical brushes in an isolated and protected environment

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